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Keeping your wheels in check in Chessington

The importance of checking 3D wheel alignment

3D wheel alignment (which is also referred to as tracking) is an important part of the upkeep of your vehicle. Why? Because it ensures that all the wheels on your vehicle are pointing forward and are set to the right angles. Having these angles on your wheel allows you to drive your vehicle properly and efficiently. If wheel alignment isn't done from time to time it can cause problems for your vehicle down the line. For example, it could cause uneven tyre wear which can shorten the life of your tyres.


3D wheel alignment services tailored to you

At Star-Tec Engineering, we are proud to offer all kinds of 3D wheel alignment services - whether it is your front wheel or all four wheels. The majority of problems take place on the front wheels as they're more likely to get moved about on a day to day basis when driving. Front wheels are also the most important as they're responsible for your vehicle steering. There are a number of reasons why all four vehicle wheels can become misaligned including general wear and tear, uneven road surfaces, potholes, speed bumps and bumping kerbs.

Our garage in Chessington is fully equipped with the latest alignment technology that allows us to target the problem and resolve it in a timely manner. At Star-Tec Engineering, we're proud to offer quality wheel alignment services that are completed by highly qualified technicians who have years of experience in the motor industry. If you would like to bring your vehicle in for a wheel alignment service, contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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