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Many people in Chessington choose us for car servicing and as we have built up the reputation since we’ve opened of being a trustworthy and friendly local garage. We understand the importance of receiving great customer service when you step inside our garage, you can trust us to ensure your car receives a high-quality service. We offer fair pricing and our helpful staff are always on site to help out with any issues or questions you may have.

A full service will usually take us around 2-3 hours to complete as there are many inspections to be done so that we can guarantee your car is safe to drive. When you book online with us you can book at a time that’s convenient for you

When Should You Get Your Car Serviced?

We offer three different levels of servicing: Interim, Full and Major. Each type has its benefits depending on your situation. An interim service should be carried out every 6 months and is recommended for motorists who drive very frequently or own an older car. A full service should be carried out annually or every 12,000 miles, this is the most common service type people choose as it’s a good middle ground. A major service is the most comprehensive and should be carried out bi-yearly. You’ll receive every single check necessary if you choose a major service.

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Why is it Important to Get Your Car Serviced?

When you get your car serviced at Star-Tec engineering, you will receive an honest, exceptional service that will not only keep you safe on the road, but will save you money, maintain the life and value of your car and improve the overall performance. You will receive a service stamp on the vehicles service history that will help with the listed benefits above. Book your car service online with Star-Tec Engineering today using our online booking tool. Available to use 24/7 – even when we’re not open.

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